Using Media to Promote Faith, Learning, and Love.

Comenius Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to using film and television to promote faith, learning, and love. We seek to help restore a moral balance to television programming through advocacy, education, and the creation of fine television productions and movies.

We have been producing award-winning,
positive film and television programs since 1999.

Comenius Foundation
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Please bear with us as we develop this new web site.  Our server was recently hacked.  The new site with enhanced security will have more features and links to all our programs.

Using Media to Promote
Faith, Learning, and Love

Comenius Foundation has been producing award-winning,
positive media programs since 1999.

We seek to communicate the faith and values that were exemplified in Bishop John Amos Comenius, who is often considered the "Father of Modern Education."
Comenius saw education, learning, and science as avenues to understand more of the mind of God.